Sisters On The Runway

First let me start off by apologizing for my lack of writing I don’t want to give you all a bunch of excuses but I’ve been sick with a terrible cold but I’m all better and I’m ready to work 😉

So as you can see the title of this blog it’s called Sisters On The Runway; it was an event that I participated in providing makeup services. It was a fashion show with about 14-15 different designers to help bring about awareness to domestic violence. The fashion show was held at the The New School in Manhattan; a very beautiful build might I add. 

So there were about 6 makeup artist 5 hair stylist and 60 models both male and female of all ethnicities,nationalities, and sexual orientation as well which I thought gave the fashion show major flavor. During the whole we were getting the models ready I met some really dope makeup artist one in particular she’s on Instagram go check her work outs @beautybyhavanna she’s Jersey Shore mamacita and there was another artist there from New York she was from the Bronx I feel bad cause I don’t remember her name; I’m bad with names🙈. I took my niece with me as my assistant and she did an amazing job on four of the male models; she and I worked on a set of models where the designer wanted their eyebrows filled in either teal or white it looked so freaking dope  




All I can say was I had a blast and I can’t wait until next year’s fashion show 

Until next time my lovelies 💋💋💋



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I am a makeup artist and natural hair stylist from Baltimore...I have a salon in Catonsville...I am a lover of all things naturally and commercially take the time out to get to know me because you are in for a great treat 😘

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