Pink Snob Couture Wig

So good evening my lovelies how are you? I thought I would switch it up a little for you all with topics. This evening I am coming to you all with a hair review; yes a hair review🙀🙀🙀🙀. Today I went for my regularly scheduled weave maintenance; yes I wear weaves what woman doesn’t. But anywho I went and got thee best service hands down. Well let me tell why it’s thee best I have a head full of hair and I am super tender headed😩😩. My stylist’s assistant took her time to de tangle my mane shampooed deep conditioned and then braided my hair down for my installment. 

The name of the salon I go to is called Pink Snob and my stylist’s name is Nigel Harlee 

 When I tell you she made absolute love to my wig with an amazing closure I had to come straight home and tell you all about her and her amazing work she does. In all of my 36yrs on this earth I’ve only had four hair stylist and Nigel is the fourth one to lay hands on my head. She is very professional, very knowledgeable, very creative and most importantly she’s very humbled. All I can say is thank you Nigel Harlee and you are my Fairy Hair Mother🌟🌟🌟🌟

Ladies please go check her out!!!



This is my lace frontal wig    


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I am a makeup artist and natural hair stylist from Baltimore...I have a salon in Catonsville...I am a lover of all things naturally and commercially take the time out to get to know me because you are in for a great treat 😘

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