Exercise Proof Makeup 

Hey my lovelies hope you all are doing well cause I am…so let’s just jump right into this new lovely product that is bomb.com it’s none other then a new full coverage liquid foundation from my girl the Nigerian Boss Lady aka Irene Omolewa. Remember I was telling you all about her makeup line it’s amazing. I wore it the other day to dance class along with the concealer and pressed powder; it didn’t transfer or rub off.

Family I am telling you this is the product you want in your life. Ladies you know how sometimes we can be a little diva-ish and wanna be cute in the gym well here’s your chance; you won’t regret it. No Irene doesn’t have a store location yet; I am speaking it for her into existence but she does have a website and an Instagram page where you can purchase some of her products; her name on Instagram is i_am_omolewa and in her bio you can get to her web page.  

These are the face products that I used and here’s the before and after picture of me taking a ninety minute African dance class.  

Let me know family what you think; tell Irene I sent you!


ThatMakeUpChicNia 💋💋


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I am a makeup artist and natural hair stylist from Baltimore...I have a salon in Catonsville...I am a lover of all things naturally and commercially enhanced...so take the time out to get to know me because you are in for a great treat 😘

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