Is Beauty Really In The Eyes Of The Beholder

“The adage that beauty is in the eye of the beholder posits a subjective interpretation of physical attractiveness. Yet there is a strong consensus between observers as to which individuals are beautiful”.-Psychology Today 2014, March.

What makes a woman beautiful? What makes her pretty? What makes her sexy? Those words are all very colorful descriptive adjectives describing this woman; but who’s the one telling her this? Is this woman beautiful because she has long flowing hair to her mid back? Is she pretty because her eyes are hazel and she’s a woman of color? Is she sexy because she has a flat stomach, round hips, perky breast and bow shaped legs? Guess what? All of those things can be purchased; and when this woman has all those things mentioned above is her beauty in the eyes of the beholder or her peers? 

Some would say oh if she’s got a good heart and great personality then she’s beautiful but we all have had that shallow moment where we want that trophy mate. Come on now let’s be adults about it we are all guilty of it, I know I am. I am not saying that you’re less of a person because you’re only attracted to people’ physical appearance, but what it does to them is create insecurity for both counterparts. 

But if you ask me who is or isn’t beautiful I am gonna say what difference does it make it’s just an my opinion and we are all beautiful, pretty and sexy to someone!!

Smooches until the next one, 



Memoirs of a MUA

Hello and good afternoon let me start off by introducing myself; my name is Ayana but to my friends and clients they call me “ThatMakeUpChicNia.” This is my first time writing a blog so when you read this I encourage the critiques and replies but be gentle I’m a virgin, lol. 

As I mentioned before I am a makeup artist that also has a natural hair care salon in Catonsville,Md; shout out to my salon Yours Naturally Hair Care Studio. So yes I do hair and I am a licensed barber “Baltimore’s Prettiest Barber.” I guess that pretty much sums it up about who I am but as I said I love all things dealing with beauty natural and commercial. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you’re reading my blogs then I am the judge and the jury; Phadra Parks from Real Housewives of Atl said that gotta give credit where credit is due😘. 

With my blog I want to be able to speak freely of both my concerns and the concerns of my clients. So I am gonna end this blog for now and on my next one I will start with my beauty topics so for all of my readers out there please follow, reply and be beat.

Love you all,